Young Polish filmmaker Michał Wnuk decides to explore the depths of his family’s history when he finds a box of 120 photographs and 2 reels of Agfa 16mm lm. The photographs document a striking perspective of World War II, however, they’re considered taboo in his family as his grand- father, Alois Kunsdorf, served in the Wehrmacht – a treacherous thing in the eyes of his fellow countrymen. We follow Michał as he gets to see the war through his grandfather’s eyes for the first time; the intriguing photographs document and set his path – from the destruction of Warsaw, the Eastern Front, to the Holocaust, delving further into the story, these touching images provoke Michał to ask his family uncomfortable and distressing questions.


About movie

  • Written and directed by
    Michał Wnuk
  • Cinematography
    Michał Popiel - Machnicki
  • Editor
    Bartosz Pietras, Maciej Pawliński, Thomas Wellmann
  • Sound design
    Wojciech Mielimąka
  • Produced by
    Magdalena Kamińska / Balabusta
  • Production
    Poland / Germany
  • Year of production
  • Running Time
    54 min.